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Fine Art Printing Services

Images can be  printed from files taken digitally or from files created by scaning negatives or existing images.  Files can also be created from high resolution imagery of your existing art for copy purposes (proof of copyright ownership required).  The entire   process  is  “color managed,” meaning that the monitor and printer are calibrated to work together yielding as close to “what you see is what you get” as is possible .

The process begins with your digital file which you can conveniently upload.  For important images, we recommend that you visually proof the image in our studio before printing, as the internet degrades the presentation  of even a  black and white image.  Prints are available on either photographic or fine art (matte) paper.  We only use the highest quality papers, which are rated to last more than a lifetime with adequate care.

There is a fee of $15 for each scanned image and $75 per hour for retouching and color correction.  Charges for photographing art work are quoted in advance.  Available print sizes and prices are (as of March 2014, subject to change without notice).

8″ X 10″                  $20

11″ X 14″                $30

12″ X 18″                 $45

16″ X 20″                 $55

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